Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Affordable Home Loans in Sacramento Make Low-Cost Living Possible

Affordable living in California is possible, as long as one knows where to look. HARP and CalHFA financing programs are excellent alternatives to the conventional home loan in Sacramento, CA that most people obtain. Homeowners can also look forward to the housing initiatives Director Boatman-Patterson has in store for the state.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Think Long-Term Roseville Home Loans are Ideal? Get Pre-approved First

Fortunately, interested buyers can work with reliable Roseville home loan providers, like Iron Point Mortgage, who can also tell them whether or not a long-term loan suits their situation. Many financial experts believe that choosing a 30-year or a 15-year mortgage is almost always an excellent idea since they provide greater security and protect borrowers from the unexpected costs incurred by short-term loans.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Sacramento Mortgage Brokers can Determine if You Need to Refinance

Given these fluctuating numbers, homeowners who wish to refinance their mortgages soon might want to consult their respective mortgage lenders first for advice. Reputable Sacramento mortgage brokers, like the experts from Iron Point Mortgage, know that refinancing may not be a good choice for homeowners who plan to move to a new property in the near future and still take advantage of California’s flat rates.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Roseville Mortgage Experts Urge Preparedness for Higher Rates in 2015

For Placer County homebuyers, especially those who are entering the market for the first time, this serves as a reminder to reassess their finances and prepare for next year’s mortgage increases. After all, mortgage payments include not just the actual cost of owning a property but also the down payment, closing costs, property tax, and other. Fortunately, a reputable Roseville mortgage bank like Iron Point Mortgage makes it a point to inform their clients about the payments they can expect to make down the line.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Try these Home Loans in Sacramento, Now that Rates are Getting Low

Now’s a good time for current homeowners and homebuyers alike to apply for these mortgage packages. Considering that FHA and VA loans have very stringent requirements, though, people will need reliable mortgage companies—like Iron Point Mortgage, for instance—that can help them find the right home loans in Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom and other places in California. VA loans themselves are quite popular in the state, as Veterans United reported some 53,860 VA loan applications made by Californians in 2013, which is among the largest figures in the country. However, a VA loan applicants must have sufficient credit, reliable sources of income, and a valid Certificate of Eligibility (COE). Current and former service members of the military can obtain COEs provided they were honorably discharged from service and meet the minimum wartime or peacetime active duty service requirements.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Before You Apply for a Home Loan in Roseville, Consider the Taxes!

Fortunately for homeowners within the state, these tax increases do not exceed the value of their homes as calculated under Proposition 13, which is 1 percent of the properties’ sale price, plus an additional 2 percent for the subsequent years. At any rate, this piece of news just goes to show that home ownership also entails certain tax responsibilities. As such, homebuyers should consider the tax implications of home ownership before they get a home loan in Roseville, Sacramento, or elsewhere in the state. It would be wise to consult reputable mortgage lenders, like Iron Point Mortgage, who know more about California’s property tax laws than most people.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Talk with Sacramento Mortgage Brokers About Your Refinancing Options

On the other hand, refinancing may not necessarily be the best move in certain cases, depending on the length and/or terms of the previous loan. For example, the Federal Reserve Board discourages homeowners from refinancing if they’re pretty far into their current loan’s duration, given that applying for a new loan essentially restarts their ‘amortization’. This is the process where succeeding loan payments will be made to build equity rather than pay for interest. Californians can consult an experienced mortgage broker in Sacramento for more about this matter. In the meantime, those who wish to take advantage of the incredibly low interest rates should jump at the chance while it lasts.

Friday, November 14, 2014

With Rising Home Prices, You Really Need a Roseville Mortgage Broker

"Given these factors, it’s important for homebuyers to assess their financial capabilities very carefully before they seek a Roseville home mortgage package that suits them best. They must take their regular income and expenses into account because these will tell them whether they can meet the regular mortgage payments or not. Fortunately, a reliable mortgage banks such as Iron Point Mortgage can provide online mortgage calculators to help buyers get their bearings. Buyers will be needing all the help they can get, given that home prices in Roseville, Sacramento, and other places have just set all-new highs."

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sacramento Home Loans: An Array of Products that Meet Specific Needs

If you want to experience both benefits, you may want to consider getting one of the available FHA home loans in Sacramento. This type of loan is provided by a financial institution and insured by the Federal Housing Authority. Consequently, even if you fail to pay the loan, your creditor’s interest is protected by the FHA’s funds. Creditors are confident to offer this loan with lower interest rates and down payment requirements.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Getting a Home Loan in Roseville and Other Home Buying Preparations

Getting pre-approved for any of the best Roseville home loans, your chance of buying your dream house increases as well. Sellers prefer guaranteed sales and normally give preferential treatment to offers from buyers who are pre-approved for a home loan. You’ll find yourself in a desirable position with a pre-approval for a loan provided by a reputable mortgage broker like Iron Point Mortgage.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Reliable Sacramento Mortgage Brokers Find Ways to Help You Buy a Home

Alternatively, Sacramento mortgage brokers can recommend special home loans to homebuyers who meet the requirements. VA Loans offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs enable current and former service members of the military to purchase a house without a down payment and mortgage insurance premiums. The Federal Housing Administration, meanwhile, offers FHA loans that have down payments as low as 3.5 percent of the property’s original price, plus the inclusion of closing fees into the loan itself. Such loans are quite helpful for first-time homebuyers, senior citizens, and low income households.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Want the Best Roseville Mortgage Package? Watch Your Credit and Equity

Considering that this trend is expected to continue up for at least the next few months, homebuyers in Placer County should consider help finding a Roseville mortgage package that suits them best. Fortunately, mortgage brokers like Iron Point Mortgage are eager to help them out by getting them pre-approved for certain home loans and refinancing their mortgages. These companies also help buyers figure out how much mortgage they can afford by reviewing their credit scores and home equity values.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

How to Make Jumbo Home Loans in Sacramento Work for You this Year

While Sacramento may not beat Orange and San Francisco on the list of the wealthiest counties in California anytime soon, it does have a good deal of wealthy neighborhoods that made it the 10th wealthiest county in the state in 2011. If you want to move into one of its affluent communities, you will need to fork out a little bit more to get a big property. To support your upcoming huge purchase, it might be a good idea to take explore your options for jumbo home loans from Sacramento mortgage companies like Iron Point Mortgage. Jumbo home loans are mortgages that exceed the conforming loan limit (the amount Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can insure). Due to the large amount of money involved and the absence of government funded insurance, most lenders tend to secure their interest by requiring sizable down payments. However, this has slowly changed in the favor of borrowers over the years.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Refinance Your Home Loan in Roseville to Lower Debt in the Long Run

The housing market trend in Roseville, California changes many times each year. Within just one month (July to August) this 2014, there have been 30 price increases and 243 price decreases recorded. It is on these changes that mortgage lenders base the terms and interest rates they offer in their loan programs. The unstable market affects homeowners with adjustable-rate mortgages the most since their regular payment changes with the trends and the when the next upsurge in interest rates will occur is difficult to tell. If they are able to get a new home loan from Roseville lenders with a low and fixed interest rate, many of them opt to refinance. Refinancing can also help homeowners shorten their loan terms.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Consult your Sacramento Mortgage Brokers if You Are Changing Jobs!

In most cases, changing jobs won’t affect one’s ability to qualify and/or pay for a mortgage loan. However, commissioned employees (i.e. those who earn their pay from commissions), part-time workers, and self-employed individuals are in a different situation because their income isn’t fixed. Therefore, they’re less likely to be approved for a home loan should they switch jobs. Their best bet is to find a job that pays them by the hour or a fixed wage as salaried employees have less risk in the eyes of lenders. Even if you are a homeowner with a steady source of income it shouldn’t discourage you from being aware of your options for refinancing your mortgage. Some people do so if they think that their mortgages rates are too high while others refinance so that they can borrow against their home’s equity and pay for other expenses.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Roseville Mortgage Loans are More Affordable! Should You Apply Now?

In general, a buyer’s gross monthly income and expenses, plus the real value of the prospective property, affect his or her ability to pay a mortgage. However, other factors like equity can also play an important role. For example, if someone is selling their old house to buy a new one and has home equity built up, it can be used as the down payment or to lower payments on the new home. For a quick check, prospective buyers use an online mortgage calculator to get a clearer idea of size of loan they can afford for a home mortgage in Roseville, Sacramento, and other places in California. It’s not just the monthly payments that buyers have to consider. There could be tax consequences for certain purchases, like buying a second house that can prove costly in the long run. According to the IRS, a secondary home is typically tax-deductible if it isn’t used as a rental property as well.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

FHA Home Loans in Sacramento Are Still Attractive Mortgage Options

"The interest rate of an FHA home loan is expected to be lower than other types of home loans. However, it is still the lender’s decision to maintain or raise the interest based on the borrower’s qualifications and financial capability. Primarily, FHA-supported lenders try to avoid having too many cases of bad credits as this could result in their exclusion from the program. As a caution, they might raise mortgage rates for borrowers with bad credits. Whatever the case, FHA remains to be the most viable loan option for homebuyers in California and the rest of the country looking for affordable financing. Whether fixed-rate or adjustable rate mortgages, FHA home loans in Sacramento give practically everyone a chance at home ownership. Leading mortgage brokers like Iron Point Mortgage can help their clients in exploring the suitability of this loan option to their needs."

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Getting a Home Loan in Roseville is Easier with the Help of a Broker

"Additionally, experienced brokers would take the time to learn about their clients’ financial situations and objectives. Those looking for the ideal Roseville home loans should also be prepared with an assessment of their goals, as well as their present and future resources, so they could better discuss their expectations with their broker. The ideal broker would also be highly knowledgeable about FHA loans, as these make up the majority of available mortgages. FHA loans are issued by the Federal Housing Association through private lenders, and come with very attractive rates. A good mortgage broker, like those at Iron Point Mortgage, can lead guide clients to their most viable option including an FHA home loan in Roseville."

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Let Sacramento Mortgage Brokers Help You in Today’s Housing Market

"Experts on mortgage in Sacramento can suggest other types of loans instead. A suitable alternative is an FHA loan (i.e. from the Federal Housing Administration) which has less stringent requirements for homebuyers. FHA loans can benefit those with a less-than-ideal credit history and insufficient funds to pay for nonstructural repairs (like replacing furniture) on their new home. In addition, FHA loans typically come with low interest rates. Home buyers can also get two FHA loans at a time, if they meet certain criteria. Additionally, established mortgage brokers can familiarize other loan types to their clients, such as the VA loan, the hybrid ARM, and the Interest-Only Mortgage, among others. With the brokers’ guidance, home buyers can find the loan package that could help protect them from the effects of present and future market condition changes."

Friday, August 22, 2014

Find the Roseville Mortgage Most Appropriate for the Economic Climate

"Unsurprisingly, Placer County also saw a surge in home sales this month, particularly in the southern areas that include Roseville and Granite Bay. As the improving economy boosts people’s financial confidence, many want to take advantage of attractive Roseville mortgage products, offered by reliable home loan providers like Iron Point Mortgage. That said, however, a strong economy shouldn’t be a reason for would-be or current homeowners to be reckless in their mortgage choice. If they sign on for the wrong loan, not even a promising economy might save them from large loan payments and high interest rates."

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sacramento Home Loans Companies to Boost Effective V.A. Loans Further

"The relative low interest rates and the large amount of cash in the system has made it possible for many to avail this kind of mortgage. The Sacramento home loans approval process are even tweaked to accommodate the expected rise in V.A. guaranteed loans. They have made the loan application process easier by providing veterans with a detailed yet simpler list of requirements, like a certificate of eligibility that establishes their record of military service. Getting a home is one of the great American dreams and people who served in the military are among those that deserve this dream the most. Trusted mortgage and loan specialists can make sure that veterans get the best deals possible in this financial transaction and will also provide them with needed advice. Veterans gave a lot and it is only just that they can get the rewards they deserve."

Monday, August 18, 2014

Roseville Home Loans Useful For Profitable Fix and Flip Transactions

"The fix and flip strategy involves buying properties cheaply or under market value, renovating them, and then selling the renovated properties for a profit. Normally, flippers get additional cash for this kind of project from financial institutions that offer Roseville home loans. Flipper capital, together with the loan, are used to purchase homes, buy materials and hire contractors for the renovation, and find buyers for the properties. Banks and lenders usually loan 100% of the purchase price and cost of repairs as long as it does not exceed 70% of the expected sales price. Interested flippers should consult with industry experts regarding their options about fix and flip loans to ensure a profitable transaction. Flippers can even take advantage of the comprehensive list of foreclosed properties that these financiers often have to find potential investment properties.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sacramento Mortgage Broker on Dealing with Rejected Loan Applications

"Just as with doctors, you can also get a second opinion on your mortgage application. While all lenders must underwrite loans in accordance with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines, many also have additional, stricter conditions on top of these. If one lender rejects your request, Sacramento mortgage brokers may also try talking to other creditors who may have less stringent criterions for approval. Bide Your Time If you keep getting rejected, you may not be financially ready yet to own a home. Fortunately, lenders who deny a mortgage are required by law to send a written explanation to the applicant within 30 days. Take this note to heart and study the reasons underlined in it. Improve your credit rating, reduce your debt-to-income ratio, and save up for a sizeable down payment. You might have to hold off on your dream for a while, but with hard work, you can eventually make it come to fruition. "

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Getting a Zero-Down Roseville Mortgage? Consider these Pros and Cons

A 2013 Gallup poll revealed that 25% of respondents planned on buying a home within the next 10 years. As you can see, many Americans still have plans of owning a home despite the housing bubble of 2008. What many of them don’t have, however, is the standard 20% down payment needed to make the purchase. As an answer to this dilemma, many lenders are now offering zero-down or 100% mortgage to would-be homeowners. While these loans are certainly attractive, Roseville mortgage seekers should carefully weigh the pros and cons of this option. What are they?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Buying a New Residence: Home Loans in Sacramento Help First Time Buyers

"Sacramento is experiencing a slower rise in prices in comparison to its more tech-oriented neighbor San Francisco. In the recent years Sacramento has seen an increase in renters. One reason for this increase is the large number of home owners that were victims of the housing bubble that returned to being renters. Many of them are now getting back into home ownership. This along with the first time buyers are helping fuel the rise in prices. First time buyers looking to settle down in California should call a company that provides a quality, customized home loan in Sacramento, CA. A company like Iron Point Mortgage can help first time, repeat and returning buyers get a good deal, as they have more access to opportunities that buyers aren’t aware of. A reputable mortgage broker can also negotiate on the buyer’s behalf and get his client the best rates possible."

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Home Loan in Roseville Becomes More Viable as CA Home Prices Rise

"Some of the reasons why Roseville is a desired destination to live is its clean neighborhoods, abundance of restaurants, shopping centers, retail stores and many other conveniences. It is close to Sacramento, the Mountains (Reno & Tahoe), Napa and the Bay Area, Moreover, Roseville is a safe place to live, with no more than 1 personal crime incident per 1000 happening in the city. Veterans who want to settle in the quiet town of Roseville should look for reliable Roseville home loans facilitated by a reliable company like Iron Point Mortgage. Veterans can get competitive interest rates and no private mortgage insurance from VA loans among others, making a good life in the Golden State more possible."

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Trusted Sacramento Mortgage Brokers Help Singles With Home Ownership

"A reputable mortgage provider will have a variety of loan packages to choose from. Johnston noted the story of Julie Cook, a PR professional who got an FHA loan for a three-bedroom house in Detroit after years of paying big rents in New York City. A number of finance experts claim that lenders lean more on two-income households instead of single earners. However, companies like Iron Point are determined to support single people with taking out a mortgage in Sacramento."

Monday, June 16, 2014

Roseville Mortgage Specialists Help You Take Advantage of Safer Market

"Your mortgage broker will help direct you to lenders who have successfully put themselves back in solid standing and are ready to better serve you. With so many choices the value of getting advice and guidance from someone who works in the industry every day cannot be overstated. Dougherty also cites data from a financial firm which stated that increasing prices aided borrowers whose mortgage payments were higher than their house’s value. This could be a great opportunity for some to refinance. Taking out a mortgage in Roseville, CA does not need to be an intimidating or overwhelming experience with a reputable mortgage company like Iron Point beside you all the way."

Friday, May 16, 2014

FHA Home Loans in Sacramento: Chief Factors Borrowers Should Consider

The mortgage landscape has changed drastically over the last six years after the country learned its lesson the hard way. Back then, lenders were willing to provide Sacramento home loans even to those who could barely afford monthly payments.

Today, the mortgage industry doesn’t want to walk on tightropes anymore. Lenders are more circumspect with loan approvals and consequently conduct stricter checks regarding borrowers’ financial profiles. Such is the case with FHA loans involving homebuyers who have high loan-to-value (LTV) ratios.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Real Life Ratio May Affect Your Eligibility for a Roseville Home Loan

Consumer debt in the U.S. shot up by 2.1 percent this year, according to the latest report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This heralds more confidence in spending. However, spending without any care for your finances can easily destroy your hard-earned economic profile.

Adding “care” to consumer spending is what Rob Carrick’s Real Life Ratio (RLR) is all about. The RLR is a calculator that determines whether or not it’s wise to get a home loan in Roseville at any given time. Carrick is known for making nifty calculators for The Globe and Mail.


Monday, May 12, 2014

Sacramento Mortgage Brokers: Preparations for Mortgage Pre-Approval

A home loan pre-approval will give home sellers the confidence that a potential buyer has the financial capability to pay for the property. Likewise, the approved amount can help set the buyer’s budget, and thus streamline the property search process.

However, before applying for a mortgage pre-approval, homeowners should do some preparations to make sure they get the best deal possible. An article on Dailyfinance.com gives some good pointers on how to get favorable mortgage pre-approval terms.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Principal Factors that Affect Roseville Home Mortgage Interest Rates

These factors are beyond the borrower’s control, so it is important to identify what other factors can be addressed. For instance, according to a Yahoo! Homes article, the ability to maintain a debt-to-income ratio (i.e. the portion of one’s monthly income allocated to debt payments) of 43 percent or lower is a step in the right direction. This figure assures the lender that the borrower is indeed capable of making monthly payments on time.

In addition, a borrower with a stable employment history of at least two years within the same industry stands a better chance of qualifying for a good loan, but the Credit Score is the most influential factor in getting a lower rate. As such, any prospective home buyer should consider these factors and get a good grip of their financial situation beforehand. This is where a reputable Roseville mortgage broker like Iron Point Mortgage can help.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Is Paying Down Your Balance Early Smart for Home Loans in Sacramento?

Data from the Federal Reserve reports that American households have, on average, loans topping around $150,000, but recent developments have enabled more room to plan for cutting down the terms. If you feel you have enough disposable income to consider an early settlement of your mortgage, you should talk to local provider of home loans in Sacramento like Iron Point Mortgage.

The age of your loan is a consideration for paying early. In the beginning of your loan term much more of your payment goes to interest. One strategy to lower the balance of your loan is to send in an extra payment each year that goes straight to your principal.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Student Debt: A Hindrance to Securing a Home Loan in Roseville?

College students who borrowed money to go to school may relate to Sheldon’s thoughts. When you’ve accrued some debt from your days in the academia, a company such as Iron Point Mortgage will find ways to help you work around that so you can get a home loan in Roseville.

According to Sheldon, student loan obligations come into play as soon as a mortgage applicant starts consulting a lender. A free credit report will show the numbers and give you an idea of how they may affect your approval chances. You should consult your mortgage specialist about integrating all student loans into one debt with a longer repayment period to help.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sacramento Mortgage Brokers Urge Care in Joint Accounts for Newlyweds

Trust is Key

With a joint account, the couple can make big-ticket purchases together, although lenders will still consider their individual credit scores during pre-approval. As mentioned earlier, joint accounts may be required in getting mortgage from established Sacramento mortgage brokers like Iron Point Mortgage.

Joint accounts work on the trust factor. The couple has equal access to a joint account and to keep the peace they should always disclose information about the purchases they make with it. This works well when sharing dues like utility bills since the couple has a unified pool of funds.


Friday, May 2, 2014

Pay Your Roseville Mortgage Early? Prioritize These Payments First

Health Insurance

Americans are benefiting from the quantum leaps in healthcare, which translates to longer life. Life expectancy in 2009 was at 78.5 years. You may want to invest in health insurance now more than ever. You may also want to get an ideal plan as early as your 40s, lest you risk a higher premium.

As you can see, whether to pay off your mortgage early can be a complicated decision. Your Roseville, CA mortgage expert, like Iron Point Mortgage, can provide some helpful information so you can make the best decision for your situation.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Jumbo Home Loans in Sacramento: Bracing Hard for the Winds of Change?

When consulting with a mortgage specialist, they can help you take a closer look at the jumbo loan reforms and the associated options. According to a bank official interviewed for Andriotis’ article, lenders may use the reforms to increase rates on a 30-year, fixed-rate jumbos. This may lead some borrowers to consider an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) instead. Many factors are involved in these major decisions that is why it is always best to have an experienced consultant on your side.

In light of the CFPB reforms mandating lenders raise requirements for “nonqualified” jumbo borrowers on Sacramento home loans, a company like Iron Point Mortgage will have the flexibility to help you prequalify on a loan and set you up with the right lender.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Guide to Preparing a Roseville Home Loan for Military Families

The above should catch interest of active and retired military looking to make a home purchase. For the serviceperson dedicated to their country and family, their dream home can be a reality with a VA home loan in Roseville facilitated through experts like Iron Point Mortgage.

A VA loan offers little to no down payment and can offer full coverage of the property price for home loans in Roseville. When applying for a loan, the principal applicant should submit eligibility certificates from the VA including DD214. You’ve dedicated your life in the service of the flag and country, we at Iron Point Mortgage are proud to help.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Obtain a USDA Loan with the Help of a Sacramento Mortgage Broker

Of course, these changes are only meant to supplement the benefits that already exist; you can still use a USDA home loan to purchase or refinance a property. However, as has always been the case, refinancing must be done on your primary residence, and there is no “cash out” option. Other than that, the loan’s well-known benefits still remain: 100% financing, no asset or automatic reserve requirements, no monthly mortgage insurance, but there is an upfront funding fee to the loan as well as mall monthly fees for the life of the loan.

Interested in obtaining a USDA home loan? Get started by talking to an established Sacramento mortgage broker like Iron Point Mortgage today


Friday, April 25, 2014

Jumbo Roseville Mortgage in 2014 Less Risky, Financial Experts Say

The law has also imposed the debt-to-income ratio at 43 percent tops, meaning no more than 43 percent of your monthly gross income must go to debts including your mortgage. Piling debts have been a point of concern for many lenders. In the past several years, some borrowers ended up defaulting on hefty loans.

If you’re in the market for a high value home and need a large jumbo loan (or other real estate loan), working with a professional that can guide you to the best loan and help you get approval is a smart idea. As always, for anyone looking for a new Roseville home mortgage we are here to help.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Get Your Dream House – Low Rates and the Right Home Loans in Sacramento

In 2014, they will turn their attention to homebuyers and will fiercely compete for their business. Buyers should take advantage of bargaining power they gain with that increased competition. Shop around for the best deal and look beyond the interest rate on the loan.

As always, having the assistance of mortgage advisors such as Iron Point Mortgage can give you access to the most advantageous home loans in Sacramento. There may be changes coming in the future, but carefully sorting through your options and locking in on the best deal today can give you low interest rates that will work in your favor in the coming years.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Best Value Investment: Finding the Right Home Loan in Roseville

 Without a doubt, now is the best time to search for Roseville home loans if you want to enjoy great savings as a borrower. Smart property buyers and other individuals who want to enhance their investment portfolio are already taking advantage of the interest rate drop.

The average rate on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages with conforming loans dropped to 4.57 percent from 4.66 percent the prior week. Rates on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages with jumbo-loan balances slipped to 4.57 percent from 4.58percent.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Should You Ask for Help from Sacramento Mortgage Brokers or Banks?

As such, home-purchasers are assured of step-by-step guidance, which they cannot be certain of receiving when they go to big banks. The complexity of the operations of large companies, such as banks, can influence their inability to offer individualized solutions that match their clients’ specific needs and best interests.

Trusted lenders like Iron Point Mortgage employ top-caliber Sacramento mortgage professionals, boosting the quality of the results they deliver. With specialized knowledge, in a wide range of areas, regarding residential loans and real estate, such companies can also provide advice and referrals to trusted providers of other services to home buyers.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New CFPB Rule Aims to Streamline Getting a Mortgage in Roseville, CA

While the news was met with varying reactions, the CFPB is hopeful that, through classifying qualified mortgages, borrowers will deal with fewer financial surprises with their housing loans. As a result, they will face reduced chances of foreclosures.

To take advantage of the legal protection that the new rule offers, home-seekers who wish to apply for a Roseville mortgage plan should approach trusted providers such as Iron Point Mortgage. With the guidance of such reliable companies, they can gain educational tools to help them make the most out of the process, as well as address their real estate needs.