Thursday, September 24, 2015

Are You Sustainable in Your Real Estate Market?

The Mortgage Bankers Association has published a
new white paper called Housing Demand that projects what the housing market
should do over the next decade. Now why is this white paper important? First,
it is a comprehensive study analyzing the data from 1976 to 2014, a period with
several market and housing cycles. Next it offers a projection of a much
stronger housing demand based on real data. 

Do You Feel Neglected During Football Season?

What’s a person who’s married to a maniacal
football fan, supposed to do during football season? Get your game face on and
let’s strategize! Football season is also the time of year when the weather may
keep you inside and more confined, so dealing with it may be more difficult. But,
let’s get the play board out and strategize your survival!

Monday, September 14, 2015

First Time Home Buyers are Critical to the Market

to Zillow, first-time homebuyers today are typically older, spend more time in
rental housing, are less likely to be married and are buying more expensive
homes than they were in previous decades. First-time buyers are perhaps the
most critical buyers in the market.
Let's look at the facts... watch this short video!

Easy and Quick Way to Clean Greasy Gunky Range Vent

people have no clue that they need to clean the filter in their range hood over
the stove.  This filter traps the grease when the range hood is sucking up
all that steam and vapor when you cook.  Well, let me tell you, it can be
nasty to handle!  If you never clean it, eventually grease will
drip down on to your stove and even into that great sauce you are
simmering!  I was always apprehensive about pulling the filter out,
because I didn't really know what to do with it when I did!  Until now...
check out this video!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Why Home Improvement Giants are Optimistic on Real Estate Market

read an article on CNN Money, posted on August 18th, touting
that the good news is that homeowners are spending like it was 2006! This
latest evidence came from Home Depot.
Are homeowners turning the tide and looking at their
homes as investments again? Let's look at the facts... watch this short video!

Best 3 Ways to Clean Your Nasty Smelly Garbage Disposal

Whew what’s that
smell? I was like a bloodhound. I checked the garbage, not there… I followed
the smelly trail.  It seemed to be coming
from the sink… It was the garbage disposal! Whew! Hi, this is Kevin Fritz with
Iron Point Mortgage, in Folsom, California, with a great tip on how to clean,
deodorize and even sharpen your garbage disposal. Now if you’ve never cleaned
your disposal, then use this 3 step process described in this video! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

One Easy & Cheap Way to Charge Your Phone FAST | Kevin Fritz | 916-985-3200

Would you like a way to instantly charge your cell phone, at home, office or in the car.  I bet you'd pay anything to charge your phone in 10 seconds, right?  So let me show you how to make your own instant charge wrap. Watch this video to learn how...

How to Use Wine Corks to Make Fire Starters

Are you a wine cork saver? Are you wondering
what in the heck will you ever do with all of them? Well, here’s one idea that
is easy, quick, cheap, and makes a great hostess gift at those holiday parties
coming your way

How to Read the Signs of a Slowing in the Housing Market

A recent article on the Sacramento Appraisal Blog, explores the
signs of a softening in the market.  Now
home values have not actually been declining this year so far, but what are the
early signs of a pending decline?