Monday, February 23, 2015

Tip of the Week: How to Professionally Clean Stainless Steel Appliances ...

This week Kevin Fritz, with Iron Point Mortgage in Folsom,
California, shares the professional's method of cleaning your stainless steel
appliances that is antibacterial and wards off fingerprints and water streaks!  Let’s take a look!

Real Estate Insider Weekly: Top 5 Apps for Real Estate Agents! | Kevin F...

Monday, February 16, 2015

Tip of the Week: 7 Awesome Creative Ways to Use Binder Clips! | Kevin Fr...

all used binder clips to keep our favorite chips fresh at one time or
another.  But how about using binder
clips as a cell phone holder?

this video you will find 6 more ways to utilize binder clips to help organize
your pantry and other areas.  If you are
an organizer like I am, you’ll enjoy these tips and find your own ways to use
these little clips as well.  Email me
with your ideas, I’d love to hear them!  Now
check out this video!

Real Estate Insider Weekly: Waiting to Buy Can Cost You Big! | Kevin Fri...

Did you know that waiting to buy a home just may cost thousands of


In this week’s Real Estate Insider Weekly, I’m going to talk about the
potential cost to future home buyers by waiting. 

Just a 1% increase can cost thousands more over the life of the
loan.  Also in this week’s edition is:
Rich Baum, Photographer, tells us what we should
expect when using a photographer for our listing photos

Why your listing hasn’t sold and WHAT TO DO

Steve Heard, Keller Williams Realty, previews
his new listing in Folsom, CA

How long it takes to get a preapproval

This is an edition you won’t want to miss, so check it out…