Thursday, February 27, 2014

Should You Ask for Help from Sacramento Mortgage Brokers or Banks?

As such, home-purchasers are assured of step-by-step guidance, which they cannot be certain of receiving when they go to big banks. The complexity of the operations of large companies, such as banks, can influence their inability to offer individualized solutions that match their clients’ specific needs and best interests.

Trusted lenders like Iron Point Mortgage employ top-caliber Sacramento mortgage professionals, boosting the quality of the results they deliver. With specialized knowledge, in a wide range of areas, regarding residential loans and real estate, such companies can also provide advice and referrals to trusted providers of other services to home buyers.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New CFPB Rule Aims to Streamline Getting a Mortgage in Roseville, CA

While the news was met with varying reactions, the CFPB is hopeful that, through classifying qualified mortgages, borrowers will deal with fewer financial surprises with their housing loans. As a result, they will face reduced chances of foreclosures.

To take advantage of the legal protection that the new rule offers, home-seekers who wish to apply for a Roseville mortgage plan should approach trusted providers such as Iron Point Mortgage. With the guidance of such reliable companies, they can gain educational tools to help them make the most out of the process, as well as address their real estate needs.